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It’s important that all our clients know what we are doing to keep them safe during and after COVID-19. Because of the nature of our work, CBQ has always practiced OSHA’s “Universal Precautions” to protect against infection control. This involves specific protocols for masks, gloves, hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting, sanitation, and other disease prevention controls. In addition we are staying in compliance with Illinois Safety Standards, Illinois Licensing Boards and the Board of Health. With health and safety protocols already deeply ingrained in our policies, procedures, staff and facility, the additional protocols to guard against COVID-19 are a straightforward extension of our existing practices. As a result of the panademic, we’ve revised some policies and implemented additional mandatory protocols and procedures for the safety of our clients and staff and to comply with state mandates.

If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, have a low-grade fever, have been traveling or if you have been exposed, we respectfully require that you move your appointment to at least 14 days after you have been symptom-free. All team members are required to change gloves between every client and must wear a mask during the service. A mask must be worn covering the nose and mouth while inside our building. Please arrive with your mask on. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one for a $1 fee. If you choose not to wear a mask, we will unfortunately be unable to serve you. If you're getting a facial you are allowed to remove your mask for the duration of the service. We just ask that you remain silent until after the service when your mask is back on. We have stopped using facial steamers to avoid the spread of any “shared” air.

During COVID we are a cashless establishment. We went cashless for a few reasons: transactions are quicker and make for easy seamless checkout, we can track your purchases and most cash is unsanitary as it’s passed from hand to hand. We accept the following for payments: Credit/Debit Cards, Zelle, Cash App, Google Pay.