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A veteran within the beauty industry, Nichole Doss has 30 years total of beauty industry experience in helping women find their best self through all beauty. She started as a nail technician in 1992, then moving to a free-lance MUA in 2005 Nichole has embraced her passion for the beauty industry and turned it into an evolving career. Nichole quickly secured her Esthetician License in 2010 to fully understand both the business and operational challenges of being a successful Esthetician. Through her fruitful management ventures, Nichole trained, and continues to mentor a number of Estheticians under her watch. And, she is incredibly passionate about providing the best information and education for her coaching sessions, as well as for building a great relationship with every Esthetician she meets.

Learn The Business Side That You Didn't Learn In Esthetician School

Owning an Esthetician business requires clarity, vision, and the ability to consistently execute the right strategies for you. Without a map or guidance, the process can feel overwhelming. Nichole’s coaching & mentor program will help you turn your beauty business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.

Esthetic mentorship is a vital tool in accomplishing your career goals. Whether you are interested in entering clinical skincare, a spa environment or creating an independent business, Nichole’s 30 years experience in the beauty industry can help you reach these goals faster and without financial strain. By working with Nichole to create a personalized business map that meets each individual’s needs and market their strengths, Nichole will guide you towards a healthy work experience.

Coaching can help you identify areas in your business and career that may be holding you back from achieving your ultimate goals. These inner and outer blocks can impact your confidence to charge what you are worth, deal with difficult clients and situations, unknowingly limit your income and business growth, plus much more. Some of the most successful professionals utilize the help of a coach to maximize their results. And now you can too!